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First post: Jul 18, 2021 Latest post: Oct 28, 2021
My sincerest appreciation for taking the time to read my story and hopefully follow my journey. You cared enough to click a link and for that I am grateful. As I am not on any social media platforms, I decided to utilize Caring Bridge to keep family and friends informed and updated on my fight against cancer. On May 20, 2021 my life changed when I was diagnosed with Stage 3, Grade 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC). Unfortunately I was also told this type of cancer is the most aggressive and rare form of breast cancer, along with the most chances of recurrence, yay me! At only 41 years old, you can only imagine the fear that immediately began to set in. Every waking moment since that diagnosis has been filled with thoughts of the worst possible scenarios and outcomes. I needed tests, evaluations and the wait was almost unbearable. The cancer cells had already spread to my lymph nodes so I needed to act fast. 

Under great recommendation, I researched the Advanced Cancer Treatments Center looking for answers. My initial conversations with them went well, so my husband Frank and I headed to Chicago. It is the best decision we ever made! Ranked as one of the top Breast Cancer Research Centers in the country, I know I am in good hands. The staff is compassionate, understanding, and extremely knowledgeable. After a week-long evaluation, we returned home knowing this cancer has not metastasized past my auxiliary (underarm) nodes... and with this knowledge, we are ready to fight!

The battle begins with treatment, starting with 5 months (16 rounds) of chemotherapy, followed by surgery, then radiation.  My 1st treatment was June 3rd, 2021 and as of today, I have had 4/16 rounds completed and my tumors have been responding well thus far. Yay!  With God’s grace, I am optimistic that my treatment will end with me being cancer free.

In the meantime, Frank has been my rock providing me with a constant stream of inner strength.  It humbles me to watch him, knowing that this struggle is not just mine. It is ours. I may be carrying the tumors, but Frank has put the family on his back and lifted us in every way.  Determined to be any and everything I need in this moment, I feel truly blessed to have such an amazing man looking after me.

   Thank you for taking the time to read about our battle, we are so grateful for your ongoing prayers and words of encouragement. I will provide updates to let you all know how things are progressing and how I’m responding to treatment. The ups, downs, and emotions of this fight that I know is already WON! 


Tasha White