Tanner Driscoll Tanner’s Perthes journey

First post: May 5, 2022 Latest post: Aug 29, 2022
I am Tanner Driscoll and just found out I have Perthes disease. Perthes disease is the disorder of the hip in young children it usually happens to people from 4 to 10 and I am 11. The hip is made up of the femoral head or the ball, which is the upper part of the femur head . The blood flow has stopped to the femur head, which causes the bone to eventually become a dead bone. Since I’m 11 the treatment for me will be getting an external fixator put on, on may 10th by Dr Standard at Sinai hospital. I will post updates and photos as I progress thru wearing and recovering the fixator for the 4 months. After I get the external fixator removed I will have 4 more months of recovery and getting my strength back.

About me: I have many hobbies and things I enjoy doing i like riding my bike. I love to go on mountain bike rides with my dad, I also love to go off jumps on my bike. I also love to draw, I draw a lot and have many sketchbooks with tons of art in them. I mainly like to draw realism drawings of faces or superhero’s. I also like to play video games, I play Minecraft and Fortnite. Me and my friends play video games together a lot. My friends and I love building forts and playing in the woods. I enjoy doing Adventure races which is a race you have to navigate on foot or on bike through the woods to get to certain checkpoints. I enjoy playing lacrosse I have played lacrosse since I was 4 and I still love to play.

I can’t wait to get back to all these activities once I get my hip better!