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First post: Feb 8, 2022
Dear Family and Friends,

As many of you know, Tanna has been battling digestive issues since childhood, but in the last few years, symptoms have worsened and reached a critical point, inhibiting her ability to lead a fully functioning life.  In 2019, she took time to move back home - to step back from college, work, and a “normal” young adult life and thought it would only be a few months to reach a diagnosis, find a cure, and move on with life. But this was not the case. For the last two years, she’s been in and out of the hospital, had multiple procedures and tests, and gone through an array of doctors and specialists. To say the least, it’s been a long and disappointing process resulting in misdiagnoses and unanswered questions. Then, finally,  God brought an answer to the underlying issues she’s been facing-Chronic Lyme Disease; for those unfamiliar with Lyme, there are articles attached below that articulate well what the disease is and what it can do. 

Lyme is the culprit behind a slew of other autoimmune diseases Tanna suffers from. It’s called a silent disease for a reason. Lyme hides and finds its way into various body systems. In Tanna’s case, it’s affected her heart, joints, nervous and digestive system, and has taken a toll on her emotional and mental health. It’s been a long road to get to this point where she has answers, but with those answers begins an even longer journey towards wellness as she deals with chronic illness. Lyme disease does not have a cure, but there is hope for Tanna to gain a fuller life. Treatment can help get her to a point where the Lyme is dormant and her immune system is strengthened to keep the Lyme under control, but her lifestyle will still need to remain altered in order to maintain her health. This long journey towards healing is expensive, and insurance does not cover the cost for many reasons. 

If you know Tanna personally, you probably know this is hard for her to share. Tanna has always been the quiet servant, the humble helper, the encourager for those going through hard times.  Now, she is facing her own suffering and needs the prayer and support of others. Through it all, she knows God is faithful.

"He’s met me in my suffering and pain in ways that I would not trade. In my weakness, He is strong, and I can tell you confidently that I have experienced that again and again. He is good, even when circumstances don’t look good. And I fully believe that His timing has been perfect in this season of my life. He’s been there, in every moment I've faced, and will continue to be. Prayer is powerful, and I need an army of people supporting me through this be cause it is a long and difficult road ahead. But it’s a road the Lord has put before me, that He's calling me to walk through. And my desire is for Him to be glorified."  

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