Tammy Payne

First post: Mar 14, 2015 Latest post: Feb 25, 2016

I was diagnosed in March of 2015 with Stage IV breast cancer (mets to lungs).  During that Spring and Summer, I had seven rounds of chemo, spaced three weeks apart.  On September 11, 2015, I had a left modified radical mastectomy with lymph node dissection, no reconstruction.  Maintenance, to try to keep the cancer from coming back, includes Herceptin and Perjeta infusions once every three weeks, as well as a daily oral medication, Tamoxifen.  I'll be on these medications for the remainder of my life, or until they stop working and we try something else.  I will also have a CT scan and an echocardiogram every three months, a bone scan every six months, as well as any tests deemed necessary in between.

I thank you for visiting my page here.  I have also started a blog, which I invite you to read:  http://tammy-payne.blogspot.com/