Tammy Meyers

First post: Jul 11, 2018
Prior to our wedding, June 16th, I had not been feeling good. Anything from extremely hot flashes, horrible back aches, migraines and overall pain. But I had a wedding to get together so I pursed forward.
On the day of the wedding, I was profusely sweating and had terrace back aches. But ther was too much excitement going on to pay attention. 
In the week to follow, I never got better. Very short days at work because it hurt to sit stand or lay to long. On sat I acualy got sick to my stomach. (This when the nausous kicked in). But felt better and went to my grandsons game, only youto get sick again later on with a migraine.
The following only got worse. We went to the camper with some close friends of ours , which didn't turn out to good due to being blood hot at the lake. I'm thinking, I'm 52, on set of hotflashes. Makes sense doesn't it? WRONG!
Monday came starting to feel like I did last Sunday along with migraine. Mike suggested going in. Well figure in out later. He knew I was sick when I went in and didn't argue.
At the ER , I learned my Kidneys were failing and it look like myeloma cancer of some sort but the was deyound his expertise  so stayed. Mon. July 2nd 2018