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Welcome - thanks for visiting! October 2021 Tam was diagnosed with stage 3 Esophageal Cancer (adenocarcinoma).  2021 began with a severe COVID-19 infection in January requiring at home oxygen and what we believed to  be multiple long-lasting symptoms upon recovery. Tam went through a full cardio workup as well as abdominal ultrasound trying to get to the bottom of the pain he felt his upper torso and discomfort eating. By early October Tam had a severe symptom and was scheduled for an endoscopy where his gastroenterologist Dr. Stassen discovered Barret's Esophagus and a tumor at the esophageal junction to his stomach. Biopsy results show malignancy. Additional scans and biopsies resulted in a T3N2M0 diagnosis - the cancer had spread to 2 lymph nodes next to his esophagus.