Tami Ryall

First post: Feb 22, 2022 Latest post: Feb 28, 2022
Tami’s story began approximately 8 years ago, post her treatment for Breast Cancer.  I apologize for condensing this 8 year saga, but it is not intended to minimize the story, it is only for lack of details and medical knowledge. 

So, I will share with you what I do know... 

At some point after recovering from Breast Cancer, Tami became aware that her heart had been seriously damaged by one of the Chemo drugs that were administered during her treatment program. This resulted in multiple hospital stays and developing close relationships with her cardiologist and a host of other health professionals. Over the years, it became increasingly more difficult to find medications/devices that could provide a benefit to her weakening heart function. 

In December, she was admitted to Cardiac ICU for what she thought was going to be a valve replacement. When the pre-op determined that both of her valves were damaged, and in fact her heart was in very bad condition as well, the valve procedure was aborted.   

Tami remained in the hospital for two weeks undergoing evaluations, procedures, and tests, to determine if she was a candidate for a heart transplant. Three weeks ago, her case was presented to the transplant board and she was determined to be a candidate for a new heart. She and her husband Mitch had their first pre-education meeting last week. They were told to have a bag packed and ready to go in the event they get a call... 

Last night, the call came. I’m sure they are still in shock, as are we, but nevertheless they grabbed the bag and headed to the hospital. Tami was being prepped today, and as I am writing this first journal entry, I am told she is in pre-op and waiting for the surgery to begin. 

I want to say on behalf of our family a very big “Thank you,” to all of you who have faithfully prayed for Tami and Mitch. We appreciate your prayers and support during this journey. Tami will have a long road to recovery, but it is comforting to know we have such a strong support system. 💓 

I will write again as soon as I have more news to share.