Tamara Butcher

First post: Dec 19, 2021 Latest post: Dec 20, 2021
GoFundMe link to help with arrangements: https://gofund.me/a39772b2

As many of you may know, Tammy, was diagnosed with Appendiceal Cancer just a little over a year ago. Over the last year she and Mark have continued to faithfully serve the Lord and have trusted for His perfect plan. Chemotherapy has only kept the cancer at bay; however, recently Tammy has faced extended illness and a fall resulting in a broken hip and surgery which kept her from her chemotherapy. Just a few weeks ago our family received the news that her cancer progressed and she was given only a few more weeks on this earth. A tube was placed to help aid in a more comfortable hospice and our family began making peace with what was to come.

We still prayed for God's ultimate healing and He has chosen that healing to take place by taking her to her Heavenly Home to be with Him. This week has been precious as the extended family has gathered around her with sweet memories and shared her last moments.
As this is written she lays in a state of rest waiting to be with her Savior. She becomes less responsive with every day that passes and, as a family, we wait along side her continuing to pray for a peaceful transition.