Talan Johnson

First post: Jun 29, 2020 Latest post: Jun 30, 2021
On Tuesday, June 23, 2020, I took Talan to his pediatrician with a concern of thrush. It was concluded that he actually just had a geographic tongue (some people might have heard me joke about my own geographic tongue at times - just a random characteristic I unfortunately passed on to Talan :). A few weeks before, Cody and I noticed Talan's stomach bulging out more than usual. Most people said it was normal for a baby to have a "potbelly" so I tried to not think too far into it. With persistence from Cody, I asked the doctor about his belly while there for his tongue that afternoon. After a physical exam, a few x-rays, and some blood work; our lives would never be the same. We were sent to an oncologist 2 days later, and we got the nasty "C" word -- my 17 month-old-baby boy had kidney cancer.... I still can't believe I am even sitting here writing this, my heart is broken. This journey will not be the easiest, but I know our faith will get us through - and I pray our story can be a testimony to God.  Please add our precious baby to your prayers as often as humanly possibly. I will continue to post updates, so feel free to check back frequently. It will be the best place to streamline our communication for friends and family. Thank you for all of the overwhelming support. 
With love, Cody, Julia, and Talan