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January 28-2020
Hi FB friends. I know many want to know what happened with TJ being in hospital.
After a harrowing night Sunday night of being told TJ was in heart failure and kidney failure ( sometimes it’s not good to be able to understand everything the doctor is explaining to you) .
TJ had had a 20 pound weight gain over a few weeks and shortness of breath and chest pains TJ insisted on going to hospital we ended up at Hamilton hospital in Dalton.
I’ll never say a bad word about a small hospital again. The ER doc rolled up her sleeves and started aggressive treatment that literally saved TJs life. He had massive fluid overload on his heart. He was literally drowning in his own fluid. His kidneys had not been working well for a while and fluid was backing up in heart. There is talk of possible temporary dialysis. TJ had not felt good for 2-3 months so this had been going on for a while. There is a working diagnosis of uremic pericarditis with much more to sort out. Thank you for all your prayers and concerns. It’s amazing to see all the people our “little boy” has touched over the years. Our little guy that we were told would not be able to function in the real world gets sick and rattles three counties. That is a God thing people. God is in control even though mom and dad would love to fix things. We know our TJ is in Gods hands no matter the outcome. We still have long way to go but keep praying. Gods got us this far he’s not going to stop on us now. Please feel free to text or call we will update as soon as we get some answers. We love you all and are working hard to get TJ back to his wild and crazy self.

January 30-2020
There has been many questions about whether TJ needs to be transferred to a bigger hospital.God has given us confirmation today that TJ is right where he needs to be. We have a doctor called an ICU doctor that has a son TJ's age that has Downs and has taken a special interest in TJ's case also a friend of ours came in with this hospital last year with a heart attack. They received phenominal care with a heart cath and several stents placed and this stopped a massive heart attack. We are confident this was all  Gods plan for us to end up here.TJ is right where he needs to be.

Oxygen decreased from 100% to 50% creatinine from 3.1 to 3.5