Don Taylor

Dad was diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive form of skin cancer: basal squamous morpheous carcinoma with perineural invasion. Since it's hit a nerve and a lymph node, he is currently at stage 3.  He is almost midway through his daily radiation treatments while still working his very physically demanding business.  Every day he wakes around 4am to start a "half day" of work, to finish with the "torture chamber" as he half-jokingly calls it. Strapped down in his superhero suit, he finds a way to look forward to his sentimental music playlist of the day.  His walks down memory lane are keeping us all upbeat and hopeful.  You only have to meet him once to know he lives to help others, and manages to find joy in life no matter how many obstacles have been thrown in his path.  Whether it's building or painting or envisioning some wild activity, or driving hours just to give a hug and share a meal, dad always goes above and beyond.  He and mom are handling this battle with strength and independence.