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Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.

On August 29th , 2016, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  I am in the fight of my life, my faith is sustaining me and I know I am in the hands of the Great Physician.  I have been blessed with wonderful friends,  family and physicians.   I pray that God will use this journey for His glory.  I am feeling blessed with the outpouring of prayer and support from  my  church family, personal family and friends.

In March ,  2016 , just a mere  7  months ago, we moved to River Meadows within Three Rivers , 15 minutes south of Sunriver .    Little did we know that Bob had CIDP and would be diabled and that  I would be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.   However, even thoug we do not understand , we do know the Lord has a plan for us and that His  plans are for good for those who love HIm.  WE are trusting in HIs direction , day by day, hand in hand, in faith with The Lord.  I also  bought myself a rock sculpture in the shape of a heart and placed it in front of my kitchen window to remind me of God's love for me every time I look outside .   

I  will have 3 months of very aggressive "fullfury" chemo , every two weeks , in Bend, at St Charles Hospital .  Then after chemo recovery, I will be having an extensive surgery to remove much of my pancreas including the two cysts and tumor , plus my spleen.   The surgery will  be at Providence Hospital in Portland , Glisan , in January.    So I will be in Portland sometime in January for surgery recovery ..  Following surgery recovery, I will have 3 more months of fullfury chemo in Bend, every other week .   If anyone wants to visit us , herer in Bend,Sunriver area,  we do have a couple of extra guest bedrooms and you are welcome to schedule a visit through Sherri Maclardy by emailing her at :  

 My first few days of chemo were  quite exhausting and yet , I felt  the presence and peace of The Lord carrying Bob and I in the palm of His Great Hand.    We feel very blessed , because I am not expereinceing much in the way of side efffects.  However, my taste buds have disappeared !  Also, for the first few days, I was extremely sensitive to cold things, including silverware and bowls.   I fe;t like an electric shock ent through my body when touching the granite counter top and regrigerator.      I used paper and plastic .  I seem to have had one very exhausting week and now am experiencing a much better week of limited energy.   

As I walk along the Deschutes River , which is right in back of our log home, I feel at peace and so very blessed to be in this part ofthe Lords creation .  Today I saw an osprey and watched him as he screached his way across the river ,  I was walking along the bike path with my new friend Patti Morehouse and her beautiful Australian Shepard , Chester !    We had a lovely walk and she is a gift from The Lord.  She is coming over to help us with housework and whatever we need twice weekly while we travel this road together.    God is so faithful .  
Meals are being provided regualrly as needed

Despite not having any bilolgical children. The Lord has blessedme with several "daughters" and "grand" children.  One of my "daughters" lives in REdmomd and she is providing us with a meal every chemo day , every ohere Wednesday,.   I am requesting something Italian for my tastebuds !!!!!    

I often walk to my neighbor's house ,  Linda and Bob , who live down the bike path , to borrow " Rooks " , my "Murphy" substitute .  We went on a long walk along the river and I might have overdone it , but  here I am still writing at 9 pm.         Rooks reminds me a lot of Murphy so it is very soothing for me .  I also have a Murphy substitute when visiting my moms place, in NE Portland .  Charlie belongs to Flavia, their accountant and Charlie , even looks and acts so exacty like my Murphy, that I often  call him, Murphy and I don't think he minds at all.      

The other morning , I received a care  package  in the mail , from Janis Boyd, my co prayer shawl leader from  Washougal , WA.    What a pleasant surprise !    Upon opening the package and seeing and holding  a stuffed black and white shitzu , it brought tears to my eyes...... The voice I heard was :  BE Still and Know that I am God:  My Hope is in The Lord and Joy comes in the morning , so I named my new shitzu , "JOY" ......and when this year of healing and refining is finished,  we hope to get a real live doggy to cuddle again.  In the meantime, Joy comes in the morning .  

Last weekend. , we drove  to Fort Rock and Christmas Valley and then we tried to find the "Hole in the Ground" but gave up on the washboarded road the spring ....we will be looking for it along with returning to  kayaking our many gorgeous lakes over here in Cenral Oregon.    

This weekend , we are driving to Portland for my mother's 93rd birthday dinner party.    We have chosen not to tell her about my health for now.   Afterall, we still have hope , someone has to be in that 25 % cure group , and what do statistics really mean anyway ? 
   It's all about having a postivie winning attitide , and I have been told that I still look like the healthiest person in the room .   

Some Portland Christian Center friends, Bob and Jan Benson, who traveled wth us to Romania a few years ago, are coming to help us  through my next chemo  on Wednesday ....... Thank you very much our very dear, dear friends.   

Remember to pray for :

Direction from The Lord
Counting our Blessings daily
Refining through the fire 
God to be glorified 
Peace that passes all understanding 

Thank you for your continued prayers and come visit us in our beautiful Sunriver area , where the sunshines most of the time .  
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Bend, Oregon 

Suzi ,  and Bob , who is my biggest blessing of all .