Susan Yardley

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Life changes in an instant...

I've known that statement for a long time and have experienced it in extravagant ways.  Meeting Michael 36 years ago was a biggie!  Finding out that we had been chosen to be Abbie's parents, and then the pregnancy tests that proved to be our boys were each one!  And there have been others....the latest one is the current top of the list because it involves all 5 of us.  

We are starting a journey none of us ever wants to be on, but when you are chosen for it, you have to accept it.  There will be more details in my journal entries, but we found out December 2, 2016 that I had several lesions in my hip bones, sacrum/tail bone, and lumbar spine.  I had been dealing with some severe hip pain in my right hip for a couple of months and wanted to get a better handle on it before Abbie and Sam came to London for Christmas.  Chiropractic had helped a tiny bit, but not for longer than a day or two.  An MRI was ordered and the radiologist felt it was urgent we follow through as he thought it was from a different primary, 3 days later we're fairly certain it's metastatic breast cancer that is pretty aggressive.  God has been providing that peace we all talk so easily about - "peace beyond understanding".  As we've experienced over the last few days, it is beyond my understanding how I am able to function, make decisions, be kind, actually truly laugh and enjoy those around me who are extending love on a scale that is very literally off the charts!  At this point I'm not fearful of the future, really just a day at a time.

Please check in whenever you'd like an update or want to ask a question or leave a message.  This is not to keep those who would like to make personal contact away from us.  This is to help with dissemination of information.

Thank you for your support of myself and my family as we move through this time.  I'm in it for the long haul, and the longer the haul, the better for me!