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     Mom starting having pains in her hip awhile back.  She went in for some tests and they told her that it is bone cancer in her hip.  The cancer eats away at the bone and has left her with nerves that are exposed and that is what is causing the pain or soreness as she tells everyone.  On Friday, June 8th, she will be going into have the hip done.  I believe they will deaden the nerves and fill in the space with a cement.   

   Of course they wanted to find the source so they did more testing which showed that she has a spot on her lungs and some lesions on her spine.  Because of the lesions, the hip and the fact that it is in the lung they have determined that it is stage 4 lung cancer.   We do not have the official results of the biopsy yet but we do have a few pieces of the puzzle.  

     They decided to do an MRI on her head and found some very small spots in her brain.  On Monday, they are going to start the process of  10 radiation treatments.  Mom will probably lose her hair, but the nice doctor said that they have wigs that look just like hers.  They have also said that they may do radiation on her hip as an additional precaution.  She will be taking medication that protects her brain during this time.

    That leaves the lungs and the spine.  At this time, they are going to treat her brain first.  Once they have all the results from the biopsy, they will have a definite plan.  It is looking like she will be treated with Keytruda.  However there is a chance that if she meets all the markers, she may be able to be involved in a new treatment/study.

     We believe in the power of prayer, so please put her on your list!  Medical treatments have come a long way, so we are very hopeful for the best outcomes.   She has a very positive outlook especially with Eryn and Nick's wedding in October.  Since Mom does not have an email account, we will be passing along any messages you would like leave for her.  One of these days we may even get her to text!!