Susan Miller My Breast Cancer Journey

First post: Jan 29, 2016 Latest post: Mar 19, 2024
I'm a 49 year old mother of two wonderful young ladies. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in the right breast on 21 December 2015 (Stage 2A). I have no family history and I am BRCA negative. My Oncotype DX score is 14, which should mean a low recurrence rate. My cancer is hormone treatable with the current prescription being tamoxifen since I'm pre-menopausal. I've had three biopsies, two lumpectomies, and two lymph nodes removed. Since cancer  was still present throughout the ducts and in the surrounding tissue, a bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstruction was completed on 28 June 2016.  I'm currently progressing through the reconstruction process as well as dealing with the side effects of tamoxifen.