Susan Bolick

First post: Aug 4, 2020 Latest post: Jan 17, 2021
My story began in March 2020 with minor back pain that I felt came from sleeping wrong or just old age 😉. By mid- to late April, I began having stomach pain when I ate, but I attributed it to stress from everything going on in the world. By May, I was having back pain most of the time. I finally broke down at the end of May and called my doctor.

We started with blood work the first of June, which showed elevated pancreatic enzymes. I then had a CT scan, and then a visit with my gastrointestinal doctor who, at this point, thought I had pancreatitis. I then had an MRI, which led to a pancreatic biopsy. Unfortunately I went into AFib during the procedure, so they could not get a conclusive diagnosis. At this point (June 30), they were able to obtain enough sample to diagnose me with cancer, but not enough to tell what type it was.

They performed a second biopsy, which also gave two different results. After having a chest CT and a liver ultrasound, spots were found on my liver. They did a liver biopsy and installed my port on July 29, and, on the 31st, we had a second meeting with my oncologist, and it was determined that I have pancreatic adenocarcinoma, stage 4, that has metastasized.

I will be meeting with my chemo educator on Wednesday, August 5, and she will go over everything that will be happening and what my chemo treatments and schedule will be.

Willie, Laney, or I will be keeping everyone updated through this site as often as needed. Please keep me and my family in your prayers, and send all the love and positive vibes you can this way.