Cassie Vasquez Support The Vasquez’s

Hello everyone. Thank you for coming to check out our page. We set this up because I (cassie) I am not doing well. We’ve made the difficult decision that the kids and I will be moving home to live with my family. My stepsister is coming out to live with us for a while. I’m trying to stay as long as possible to keep our family together  but once she leaves we will no longer have help and it’s just not safe for the kids. I’m thankful for those extra month together that she’s giving us and  I’m so grateful for her willingness to fly out and take care of us. Adam will stay here and Hawaii. That means our family will be separated until he finishes his orders for this duty station. This was not an easy choice to make. Unfortunately I am at the point where I can’t care for the kids by myself. I’m just too sick and my body is struggling. His work is dangerous and it’s important that he’s not worried that I’m sick and alone with them. Adam will be moving into the barracks and we will break our lease on our current home. This page was created to help fund raise money to get all of us, our stuff and our van moved back to the mainland. The military will not pay for it as of right now and our savings is gone due to the move over here. Please do not feel obligated to help. I know God will provide a way for us. We appreciate every donation, prayer and word of encouragement as we walk into a very difficult time for our family. 
 Blessings, Cassie, Adam and the kids.