Patrick & Elena Franklin

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We encourage you to read through these journals. You may want to begin with “oldest first”. 
On Sunday evening, July 28, Patrick suffered a massive coronary event and cardiac arrest. 

He had begun to feel unwell while playing baseball and, as a result, was already en route to the hospital where the heart attack and cardiac arrest occurred. Nurses and doctors were able to act quickly to shock his heart and save his life. His LAD artery was 100% blocked. Two stents were put in. 

Since July 28, Patrick has experienced infections and complications too numerous to mention. For weeks, he was kept in a chemically induced coma as doctors fought to save his life, repeatedly. This was then followed with a few weeks of critical condition, then a period of increasing stability. He was then released to rehab where he spent five days learning to stand and walk before being returned to the primary care hospital in an emergency. He spent another two weeks in isolation healing from a serious and potentially fatal infection. He is now home, and is regaining strength and health.

Please continue to pray for Patrick’s complete recovery in mind and body, and for strength for Elena as she navigates this difficult time, all the while parenting and caring for their children. Pray for peace and support for the children as they process their dad’s illness and the trauma of this past year.