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Hello Friends and Family of John and Sue Courtier,

First, we would like to say thank you to ALL of you who have supported us through this time, with your love, concern, care, cards, gifts, food and prayers.  We are so very grateful and truly blessed by your kindness and generosity. 

We decided to set CaringBridge up to make it easier for the family, and also for those who have asked and want to help during this time of Dad's Chemo and healing.

For those who do not know Dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer back in May, and he has been on a course of Chemo Therapy,  a clean diet and doing his best to stay rested and positive during this time. Our immediate family is supporting him the best we can, and we are staying hopeful and we BELIEVE in Miracles! 

This past course of Chemo was so hard on Dad, he has bad reactions to it and this last batch was touch and go for awhile there.  He suffered with E-coli and Sepsis, and had to be on high doses of antibiotics, and food pump.  During this current hospital visit they also found cancer in his lung, a few spots.
With all that being said Dad has been such a trooper, (the nurses love his sense of humor). He really is staying positive and just keeps saying he wants to go home to see his wife and grandkids. The doctors are actually quite impressed and amazed with his progress and his ability to fight off the E-coli and Sepsis...
that was no easy feat!!

We are now getting ready for him to come home some time within the next week. We are setting up the CaringBridge starting Friday then running it for 2 weeks.  He needs 24 hour care because he is still weak from being in bed so much and of course all that was mentioned above.

Mom is not able to help as much as she would like due to the fact that she is using a walker and wheelchair because of her past knee surgery that didn't go so well.  She will be helpful in guiding anyone who comes and helps to what they may need. She will putter around in the kitchen, and FYI, she tries to do more than she should, her heart is in the right place, but we do worry about her overdoing and her memory isn't the best these days, so we keep an eye on her too! ;)

Again, we do appreciate everyone's support and if you are able to help out with your time, a visit with general care, an overnight stay (with pay, and if you know someone please let us know) or food, that would be Awesome, and so appreciated. Just pick one (or more) of the time slots or food options on the planner. And of course, anyone who is willing to send a prayer or two Dad's and Mom's way, that would be appreciated as well! 

Thanks so much...Love to ALL! 

Shari  & Amy 
And of course,  John & Sue thank you too! :)

Shari: (206)-478-0946
Amy: (206)-498-8392