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Meet Tarick Carl Toribio/Baumiller our baby boy who was born at 23 weeks gestation who was severely underdeveloped, and
stunted in size from mom's high blood pressure, with an unclosed valve in his heart that did not get a chance to grow
known as PDA or Patent ductus arteriosus. He is struggling with breathing from premature lung development and
hypotension or low blood pressure which means he undergoes constant blood transfusions. His body and mind are
in excellent shape as he fights to grow and complete his long journey through the NICU to finally come home to his
new family.
Shortly after Thanksgiving his mother was rushed to the hospital emergency room with high blood pressure at 220/110
and Edema setting in throughout her entire body. Tests and blood work were performed to finally figure out that she was 23
weeks pregnant with severe preecalmpsia. During the next 24 hours of rigorous tests and treatments to bring her blood
pressure down the doctors found that little baby Tarick was damaging her organs causing liver and kidney failure. The doctor
decided to wait another 6 hours to confirm the elevated enzymes in the liver, only to find out that it was shutting down. About
2 hours later she was prepped and taken into surgery for an emergency C-Section. Shortly after little Tarick was born at 8:02pm
weighing only 604 grams and no bigger than a Idaho Potato... Our little Tator Tot was here, a nine month pregnancy in just four
days time.
A true Christmas surprise for both mother and father, not knowing that they were pregnant due to polycystic ovaries, a 
bicornuate uterus or heart shape uterus and not to mention a IUD that is 99.9% effective three things saying NO, did not stop
this Super Baby from coming into this world. A true MIRACLE!
Tarick's days are just beginning as he will be staying in the NICU until he reaches 40 weeks gestation or until he weighs enough
and is able to eat and breathe on his own to come home with Mom and Dad. Come to find out that it will cost over $3000 a day
in the NICU with several tests on a daily and weekly basis from chest ultrasounds, brain scans, and blood transfusions the stress
starts to set in. Days continue to pass as mom finally makes it home from the hospital, but will be out of work for the next couple
months with post preeclampsia and recovering from the C-Section, our bills will be through the roof by the time little Tarick gets
to finally come home.
Learning that our wonderful health insurance will only cover certain parts of Tarick's stay in the NICU has put a lot of financial
stress on us as we are asking for your support during these difficult times to help mom heal, Tarick grow, and for us to prepare
to move to a bigger place than our tiny efficiency apartment in the next few months for our little future bundle of joy.
Please find it in your heart to help our new family overcome these trying times.
Anything will help us with our surprise life changing event.

Thank You