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First post: Apr 26, 2021 Latest post: Apr 26, 2021
Payton had a medical emergency April 15, has been on life support ever since....

Even with Payton finally showing signs of movement on Saturday for the first time the hospital is telling me they will disconnect the ventilator in the next few days.

The doctors at #tarzanamedicalcenter have been rushing to diagnose Payton as BRAIN DEAD all week. He hadn't even been here 48 hours before his family was told by the original neologist that "families will typically decide to remove vents after a couple days".

A 3rd Apnea test was rushed on Saturday. This was followed by a quick decision from some "ETHICS BOARD" to stop his ventilator Monday morning.

All week we’ve been hearing

"No signs of movement to stimulus"

Well Saturday

He finally started reacting to his sister squeezing his arm.

That didn't matter

Finally the neurologist came in and examined him. And she observed him moving and was shocked that she felt a push.

This may be nothing more than posturing. It may be more. But considering it just started shouldn't they take more time?

They finally ordered another EEG but the "social worker" here hasn't even called me back and we are supposed to be within a day of possibly ending his care.

What's the rush to disconnect!!!

He's been there 8 days from a severe brain injury. He's 20 years old. Disconnection from the vent could be final.

With all this rushing and knowing that black lives don’t matter in experiencing it first hand when I was in labor. I can’t help but think if he was a white male would we be rushing!? This doesn’t feel right!!!!