Sue Standlee

First post: Dec 11, 2021 Latest post: May 2, 2022
On December 7, 2021 (my dear daughter’s birthday) , I inadvertently “overdosed” on Trazadone.  I could hardly walk or talk.  Tom took me to see our doctor’s P.A.  She immediately knew that this woman was not the Sue Standlee she had known for sometime.  She sent me for an MRI.  Tom and I had just walked in the door when her office called and said to go directly to the emergency room.  

That was the beginning of a 3 day stay in the hospital.  The MRI showed a UFO (Unidentified Foreign Object).  I was wired for seizure activity, etc.

Finally, the neurosurgeon said he thought I had a  low-grade glioma.  It is not malignant, but it is in the left temporal lobe and it’s deep within the brain.
Gliomas +temporal lobe means I’m very susceptible to small seizures which I haven’t had.

The neurosurgeon will be comparing MRI’s to check for growth or change.  Please keep me in your prayers.