Sue K Sue Knight

First post: Sep 6, 2022 Latest post: Mar 8, 2024

To all my mom's incredible friends and extended family. 
Our family is starting this caring bridge to communicate our moms health status and her future to everyone that cares. Many of you know our mom, Sue, has had a few years of difficulty with what we thought was primarily acid reflux. In the last month we were able to be treated by an exceptional medical care team at OHSU. Over that time a diagnosis was finally realized and while it's not what we wanted it's encouraging to have an answer. My mom was diagnosed with Bulbar ALS this week. This is a unique and difficult form of ALS to discover as it starts in the mouth, throat and thoracic parts of the body. This means there is an answer to why it has been difficult to swallow and increasingly more difficult to talk. ALS does not have a cure, but there is treatment to slow the progression and so much help and support! ALS is different in every person and my mom is determined to defy all odds! She maintains her incredible sense of humor, positivity, and desire to live life to the fullest!! As her support system there is a few important things we can do. It starts with an important theme, "conserve energy and muscle" What that means is that she still wants to socialize, see friends, talk and live her life. However, she will get tired more easily and will need to cut some nights shorter than the old talkative Sue would. What can you do???
*Acknowledge that her main symptom is slurred speech. When in large groups sit closer to listen, repeat back to her what you heard and if others don't
understand her and you do; repeat what she said so she doesn't have to.
*She wants to enjoy YOU and not have everyone worried about her. She is an incredibly resilient person! Enjoy her and her crazy sense of humor. Be intentional about being with her while keeping visits shorter than before.
*Finally, if you need to ask questions, want more information about ALS, or about her please reach out to any of us via Caring Bridge or message us through Facebook messenger (Mindy Lockard, Becky Rice, Andrew Knight and myself Kristin Richey) If you prefer text or email;, (206)351-9722. I can talk to you, so she doesn’t have to answer all the difficult questions.

We (all 4 kids, spouses, and 11 grandchildren) are so appreciative of our mom's INCREDIBLE support system of friends. It is a testament of who our mom
is!!! We will update this site approximately every 3 months with follow-up appointments and more often as things come up.
Thank you for who you are, and for loving our amazing mom!!!