Stu Hatten Stuart Hatten

Welcome! We are using this space to keep family and friends updated on Stu's stem cell transplant journey.  

 Stu was diagnosed in early 2021 with Myelofibrosis, a rare bone marrow cancer that disrupts the normal production of blood cells.  Without getting too "medical", his condition was stable enough to be on "wait and watch" until worse symptoms appeared. Unfortunately Stu's blood counts including Hemoglobin, platelets etc, began to drop in August and his doctors at Princess Margaret  decided it was time that he start to consider a Stem cell transplant. And so the journey begins..

Please follow along on Stu's journey with us on this site. We will post regular updates to keep you informed! 

Important dates:
September 9- Admission day!
September 15- Stem Cell transplant day (known as day 0)