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First post: Apr 26, 2022 Latest post: May 1, 2022
Welcome to our story, Aryssa’s story!
Strength like Aryssa, our brown eyed TEAL Warrior

On April 17th 2022 (Easter Sunday), Aryssa was taken to our local ER for severe stomach pains. Routine bloodwork and urine samples were collected and all came back clear. They believed the pain stemmed from menstrual cycle soon starting… On Wednesday, we followed up with the pediatrician who ran more tests and found nothing but suggested if pain continued we should return to ER. On Thursday, April 20, 2022 Aryssa called home from school in severe pain and nausea.  Aunt Ericka picked her up from school and Thursday evening GiGi took her back to the local ER. At this time they conducted more blood work and urine (normal) and then decided to do an ultrasound. The ultrasound revealed the news of an unknown mass. She was released from ER with instructions to follow up with a gynecologist. GiGi and Ericka’s gynecologist couldn’t get her seen until Wednesday, April 27th and the referral gynecologist from ER couldn’t see her for a few weeks. It was then the pediatrician (Dr Lisa) said to take her to Childrens hospital in Atlanta (CHOA). Friday, April 21st, GiGi and Ericka took Aryssa to CHOA (Scottish Rite). There they did tumor markers and released us to await on scans. Saturday the 22nd, we spent time as a family at the lake together. Mid day Aryssa started complaining of pain again and was running a low fever. We were told to go to Eggleston (CHOA) also. because that’s where the pediatric gynecologist surgeon was at the time. During ER visit the doctors couldn’t manage the pain and decided it was best to go forward with surgery even though all tumor markers weren’t in. One that was in was slightly elevated. Normal was 250, Aryssas was 325. Dr didn’t believe cancer so far due to rareness and typical markers for cancer can be in the thousands. She believed the markers were elevated due to possible contortions of right ovary from tumor placement. Surgery was scheduled and midway laparoscopic, the surgery realized something wasn’t right. there was no contortion so she opened Aryssa up and sent the tumor to pathology. Pathology examined a portion of tumor and indeed said cancer (type of Ovarian) currently unknown. As of April 26th, we’re still awaiting Final, full Pathology results. Once the results are in, we’ll meet with Oncology team to discuss treatment needed. During Surgery her right ovary, right tube, tumor (size of a peach 8cm), and the omentum were removed. 

Aryssa is currently home recovering from the surgery. She is doing well and has some amazing strength. She said “If it can be treated let’s do it!”

This will be updated often by myself (Ericka, aunt), Tara Garcia (aunt), Alicia Lentner (Great aunt), Debbie Dolson, and GiGi.