Bernadette Perez Mooney STOPPING MS in it’s track

First post: Sep 3, 2021 Latest post: Jan 1, 2022

Our story began like a fairytale. I was delivering flowers on behalf of a mutual friend of ours (despite not knowing Bernadette) on the West Coast for Valentine’s Day. I figured I needed some good karma in my life and maybe this would help. It was all serendipitous as I look back at our 14 years together, and a recent celebration of our 10 year wedding anniversary back in May. Who would’ve thought the innocuous ask from a friend to me would have led me to a beautiful, kind and welcoming woman; and banking on that woman answering the door to a random stranger—which she obviously did.

B as I call her, was diagnosed in 2008 with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). A nasty disease that, according to her, is a “death sentence constantly leaving me in a puddle of tears, grievously taking away my ability to walk my dog, go on walks with my husband, and being a functional part of my niece and nephew’s lives”. She’s always wanted to take ballroom dancing, as a dude, not interested until now, but MS is slowly taking away her ability to stand, and ultimately to walk.

On its way, but not before completely taking her legs, we married in May of 2011 in New York City. It was a storybook wedding, complete with pictures of extravagance to match. It was the best day of both our lives, and quite possibly the last time I saw her separate MS from the rest of herself. I miss the love and laughter taken away by MS.

Stem cell treatment (HSCT) has been regarded to STOP MS progression, but also to possibly regain what’s been lost and taken away by MS. Stem cell treatment reboots your system, a great gift. There’s hope for Bernadette to live a normal, happier life, one in which she doesn’t dread waking up to take on the hardships of the day.

The urgency is now! She is at the perfect age, and we want the disability scale to keep steady and in her favor. This would be life changing—she might be able to run again, or simply take evening walks, or just walk our only child, our dog Lily. There’s so much we can do that would make her happy again—lift her spirits so I see that smile I haven’t seen in years.

It’s humbling and even in these dark times we feel blessed to have the support from friends and family that give us another chance to rewrite our story. Adding you as a recipient, please please kindly share with your friends, family, colleagues, extended network, etc. to make a donation so Bernadette can have a second chance at enjoying life again.