Shan Hunter Stop Cyber Bullying

First post: May 8, 2019 Latest post: May 11, 2019
Hi and welcome.  As you can see I am disabled but I don't let it define who I am. I love music ,movies,creating art,history and a lot of other things.

The reason I made this site is off and on my whole life I have been bullied. It began in school then after school it moved to cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying is a real and growing problem and it is my hope that what is posted here will bring awareness to that problem and help others.

I decided it was time to speak out and do something to help others.

As a disabled person I have found people like me are easy targets for people who either have low self esteem and pick on us because we can’t fight back or they just find a sick kind of fun in it.

My question is “why?” why is anyone bullied ? What do bullies get out of it? Is it boost their ego? a power thing ? Do they have low self esteem or maybe jealous of something ?

This is my way of fighting back.

Bullying a disabled person no matter the age is WRONG and needs to stop being overlooked.


No matter how many times you block them they will make another account to stalk you on.

It is my hope that people will stop saying to ignore cyber bullies and start doing something,if you know someone is being cyber bullied don't just sit saying they will stop,speak up and do something because people have DIED due to bullying.

Here I will post stories from my main blog about my own experiences of being bullied and I hope my blog goes viral and I can one day afford to make a website dedicated to stopping cyber bullies.