Stevie Jane Mattern

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Hi everyone, we thought this platform would work best for updates but have had a few issues come up that just don't work for us. We're moving the updates to a Facebook group. We've copied and pasted all the updates to match. Just nummed all the comments here won't follow on there. Sorry to jump around, we want to make sure it's the most beneficial for us and you all. Thank you so much!! Here's the link to the group page:


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On January 5th at 5:53 PM, at 24 weeks and 5 days gestation, Stevie Jane Mattern entered the world weighing 460 grams, exactly one pound, and 11.8 inches long. We heard her beautiful cry and it brought overwhelming tears to our eyes. She was here. Much earlier than we had hoped and prayed for, but she was here. Our little rockstar.