Stevie Hubbard

Stevie was coming home from work on 10/27 when he began experiencing facial numbness and inability to speak. Our thoughts were he was having a stroke. At the ER we found out he had a fairly large mass on his brain. On Monday 11/9 Stevie had a craniotomy to remove the mass and woke up the same day. Due to excessive swelling the Doctor decided to take him back to surgery Friday 11/13 for a craniectomy to remove a part of his skull to relieve the swelling. The Doctor believes the swelling prior to the craniectomy caused Stevie to have a left frontal stroke. Monday 11/16 they took him off of all sedation medications and he did not wake up. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Stevie was considered to be in a coma. Thursday morning he was somewhat responsive and opening his eyes again. He has been out of the coma ever since and we are working on getting him stable enough to leave the ICU. 

Pathology returned with a diagnosis of a grade 2 atypical menigioma which is fast growing and precancerous. He will need some radiation to ensure it is gone and does not return. 

He has a long road to recovery so we ask that you continue to pray with us for a full recovery. Again, we truly appreciate all of your prayers, kind words, and positive thoughts. We love our Stevie more than anything in this world!