An open journal for friends and family of Steve Wurdock Standing with Steve

First post: Apr 20, 2022 Latest post: Apr 22, 2023
If you have found your way here to our CaringBridge website for Steve, thank you.  You are so important to us. Thank you for visiting. We are using this format to keep family and friends updated in one place. We are deeply grateful for all the support and encouragement you have already shown us. Please feel free to leave a note, question, comment for any of us (Steve, Pete or Deb) if you wish. We love hearing from you and encourage connection. 

Steve's unexpected diagnosis of advanced stomach cancer came in February of 2022 and left us all in shock.  While we now have all the correct medical terminology for what is occuring inside his (otherwise healthy) body,  it's still challenging to grasp that this IS really happening. It is happening to him, and therefore to all those who love and care for him.  Stomach cancer is sneaky. It doesn't give a lot of warning signs. It's not even something that we are routinely screened for and by the time it is diagnosed it is often in an advanced stage as is the case for Steve. Stage 4 stomach/esophageal cancer has not (yet) been cured, however it is treatable through a variety of methods. The goal of treatment then is to effectively manage his condition, halt/destroy any further growth and spread of cancer cells, and ease the effects of cancer by shrinking the tumor so as to allow his health to improve.

Steve began his treatment (Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy) at Cancer & Hematology Center of West Michigan. This amazing facility,  located near his home in GrandRapids,  is state-of-the-art remarkable.! We feel Steve is exactly in the right place for the type of specialized treatment he requires. His brilliant oncologist and multi-disciplinary care team have delivered exceptional care and attention thus far. Yesterday Steve received his third  infusion. Once he completes at least 4 cycles of this treatment he will  have another PET/CT scan to determine effectiveness of the medications. Based on scan results the team will make changes and tweaks to his treatment the protocol and continue to wage war on this cancer.  

Science is continually expanding its understanding of cancer. We are all in this big learning curve since Steve's diagnosis. For instance, something I've learned about chemotherapy is this.  The drugs and delivery system have progressed and advanced so much over the recent years that the negative yucky side effects have become far more manageable than ever before.  It is important to Steve that you know he is looking well and feeling strong! Steve is continuing to work at his job that he enjoys so much and lead a pretty normal active life even as he undergoes this very intensive treatment. He and his incredible partner Debbie are actively working together on some remodeling projects at home,  taking time to choose healthy life-giving foods to prepare and eat,  stopping often to smell the roses, and planning to visit a variety of interesting places in the near future. 

Thanks for being with us! Your presence is sustaining and comforting. 
along with Pete & Steve