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First post: Dec 11, 2019 Latest post: Oct 14, 2022
A hearty hello to friends and family who are visiting  our CaringBridge site.  We are starting to share here at the recommendation of our medical oncologist - so here goes, we figured transparency is the best path forward.  Thank you all for the good vibes, prayers and support!

By way of background, Steve visited his general practitioner, Mary Ellen Ritchie (who is amazing btw) the week before Halloween for laryngitis.  They ran a standard lung scan and on Halloween afternoon, we learned that they had found a 10cm mass.  From there Steve underwent a series of tests; scans; MRI's etc.  

It has been determined that Steve has Stage IV metastatic lung cancer, having traveled to other areas including his shoulder and spine.   We are now with the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.  Fantastic team of oncologists!

Steve started radiation therapy for pain management the week of Thanksgiving, and finishes up December 11th.  That was to simply help reduce the two largest tumors in lung and spine and help alleviate any discomfort.

We learned yesterday that his biopsy revealed he tested extremely well for the PDL-1 marker, which indicates that he  should respond well to immunotherapy!  This was great news to us -- as this is cutting edge therapy and the results are phenomenal.  He will begin this treatment 1x every 3 weeks.  If he responds well -- then no Chemo!  If not, then we will move to Chemo in concert with Immuno -- Chemo for 4 sessions and Immunotherapy indefinitely.

So here we are -- ready to celebrate the Christmas Holidays with more Joy than ever!  He will have three weeks of no treatments -- thus will be looking forward to  making his famous Bloody Mary's and having a beer or two with friends and family.  His humor is at it's best! So no doom and gloom -- we are ready to ring in the New Year with positive spirits and continued good vibes from our tribe.  Love you all.