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First post: Mar 3, 2022 Latest post: Jan 8, 2023
Stevens kidney transplant journey started unexpectedly last July. A simple Doctors appointment to discover the cause of his migraines turned into a diagnosis of end stage kidney failure, the need to go on immediate dialysis through a central line in his neck, and placement on the National Kidney Registry in hopes of finding a life saving kidney.  Although dialysis is a life saving treatment, it is also a life changing one. For dialysis to be successful, serious life style changes need to be made. No phosphorus, no potassium, and little to no sodium, which leaves just a small pool of fruits, vegetables and fresh meats to eat,  the liquid restriction which  is 1500 ml  ( 6 cups ) a day, along with following a medication schedule 4 times a day that involves 30 pills.  Currently three days a week Steven needs to go for dialysis treatment that lasts  around 4 hours and every 7 minutes his entire volume of blood is recycled through a series of tubes and filters and put back into his body. Crashing blood pressure, large amounts of  medication, weekly diet changes, fatigue, and the unknown of when or even if he could get a kidney from a donor have been our constant companions. It has definitely been a stressful, overwhelming balancing act and a constant roller coaster ride of emotions.

And after what has been a tortuous wait, just like that we have a live donor and a date for a new kidney, thus the reason for setting up this site. We are venturing into a new unknown and this is the most effective way to keep friends and family updated on this journey as the first few weeks we will be adjusting to a new normal, a lot of new medications and  going  on many  follow up appointments to make sure this new kidney gets the best chance of success. We are required to stay in Rochester during the first 2-4 weeks after Steven is discharged following the surgery to be as close to the Mayo as possible for monitoring.

We are deeply grateful for the love and support we have received from family and friends since this journey to a new kidney started. It is hard to explain just how far a simple text, phone call, care packages and cards help someone survive the daily struggle of living with a serious disease and all the overwhelming range of emotions that  accompany it.