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On the evening of Monday, September 17th, Steve began feeling very unwell.  After visiting an urgent care center and his family doctor to determine the source of his sickness and pain, he collapsed Wednesday evening and was taken by ambulance to the ER.  IV fluids were administered and he was sent home, but the severe weakness and pain persisted.   The next day, September 20th, Steve was taken again to the ER and admitted immediately to the hospital.

Many, many tests were done as the doctors tried to figure out the source of Steve’s illness. A lumbar puncture on Saturday, September 22nd indicated that what Steve is experiencing is viral meningitis, and further testing has revealed that Steve has neuro-invasive West Nile virus.  

Steve remains in the "fighting" stage of this disease and will be for an unknown length of time.   Currently he is bedridden, unable to support himself or move very much,  in severe pain, and using a feeding tube as he is too weak to swallow. 

Neuro-invasive West Nile virus is very rare and affects less than 1% of those who contract West Nile.  There is no treatment for this disease other than time, nutrition, and rehabilitation.  From the hospital Steve will transition to a rehab facility to regain his former function and strength.   The exact length of recovery is unknown, but it will most likely be an extended period of time.

Although Steve cannot have visitors during this critical period, Steve and Maggie will welcome visitors in the future.  

Please join with us in prayer for Steve's complete, quick healing and a full recovery.

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