Steve Kinzer

First post: Mar 27, 2018 Latest post: Aug 13, 2018
On March 20th, Steve had a seizure and was admitted to Regions Hospital in St. Paul. Through the testing and exams the medical staff discovered a brain tumor that will require surgery within the next few days.

They have diagnosed the tumor as a slow growing meningioma and believe it has been growing for the last 6+ years. Steve had experienced dizzy spells over the years, but they presented themselves so infrequently that when medical attention was sought the spells went undiagnosed.

The tumor has grown to be so large that the pressure to the brain is significant. They believe this caused the grand mal seizure on Tuesday. Debbie arrived home at the beginning of the seizure and was assisted by a neighbor in getting medical assistance to the house quickly. Steve was taken to St Croix Regions for his first CT scan where they found the mass and transferred him by ambulance down to Regions Hospital. He underwent many more tests the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday. And it was decided that the best course of action is to schedule surgery for next Thursday (March 29th) to remove the mass.

Steve is taking medication to manage risk of future seizures and the swelling of the brain which is happening in response to this tumor. We are incredibly grateful that there hasn’t been any loss in cognitive function because of the seizure, and for the team of surgeons that have come together for his brain surgery next Thursday.

Most important to note is his sense of humor is intact, and as of late Tuesday night, he was already back in true form. Optimism runs deep and we are all grateful for this. Thank you to all those who have reached out. The outpouring of love, support and prayer has been humbling and incredible to Steve, Debbie and the whole family. 

We will be providing updates as we get closer to the surgery and  as they become available.