Steve Kinyon

First post: Jun 1, 2022 Latest post: Aug 17, 2022
On April 28, 2022, I heard Steve’s voice say, “I don’t feel well and am going to urgent care.”  I knew something was wrong as he never goes without gentle encouragement. I never thought that would be the last I would hear him as he now has a paralyzed vocal cord.  He has a mass pushing on the vegas  nerve which controls the vocal cords, esophagus, thyroid, carotid artery and his jugular vein.  It has been a hurry up and wait game for a month, but we have appointments at Mayo Clinic in two days.  The first recommendation from a specialist in Des Moines  is surgery so we are headed to neurosurgery at Mayo. My sweet husband has continued to teach elementary PE with some amazing kids who made it possible, but we are more than ready for summer break to have time for him  to find his health again.