Steve Dean

First post: Jul 25, 2019 Latest post: Feb 2, 2020
On April 16th 2018,   Steve went missing.  He had been acting different and although I saw it, and was concerned, I tried to play it off.    For seven and a half hours we searched and prayed.   After we found him safe, but confused, we knew we needed to act.     I took him to the local ER the next morning  expecting them to tell me I was over reacting.   When  I heard the news that there were tumors in his chest and in his brain and they were most likely cancerous, it devastated me.      

As I called family and friends to let them know ,  an amazing thing happened.   The sorrow in my heart was replaced by gratitude for all the amazing family and friends who came together to help us, to pray with us and to feed us!  Ever since that day,  Steve has battled .  We have strong faith and a wonderful community that is helping us with each step.  This has meant the world to all of us. 

  Steve   completed some really cool cyber knife. Radiation, targeted gene therapy, old fashioned chemo and  then a new type of gene therapy.   We have had some really great days and some really hard days, but Steve keeps fighting.     We were very lucky in that even after a very hard day at Georgetown Medical Center when they told us that the cancer would probably take Steve in a matter of months, he was stable for  seven months of  brain scans.      We were able to  graduate from our hospice care nurse and started to plan our summer activities. 

On June 25,. Steve had a seizure, and even though the doctors at Shock Trauma  told us everything looked fine, our amazing neurologist wanted to see for herself.   The MRI Steve had last week showed the tumors in his brain (the gremlins). Are on the move.. they are growing again and changing shape.   Next week we will begin whole brain radiation 

It is a bitter sweet moment when doctors and office staff move mountains to get appointments made and fast forward an aggressive treatment program. We are now being taken care of here in Southern  Maryland , and the team in Charlotte hall  has been wonderful in helping us plan our new attack.  Also since our  commute  to radiation is less than an hour and without all the beltway craziness,  this feels a little less scary.   

I will try to use this page to keep everyone updated on his battle.   We appreciate the prayers and love that come our way every day.