Steve Chmura

First post: Apr 17, 2019 Latest post: Apr 15, 2024
While on vacation in Florida with a friend and family, Steve had intense headaches and was lethargic. He went back to Atlanta  and went to the hospital where he was diagnosed via MRI with a brain tumor. Additional tests were done and also showed a cancer in the lung. Specialists were required and he was ambulanced to Emory. He spent 5 days in the Intensive care unit where the focus was in reducing The edema of the brain. 

The immediate concern was the brain lesion which is located deep in his Thalamus. Steve had radio surgery on his brain lesion a few weeks ago in which they inserted radiation directly into the tumor. We will find out by the end of May how the tumor is responding to radiation but he continues to feel well and is on steroids to reduce any inflammation. 

The primary source of the cancer is in the lung (which is a bit odd since he has never been a smoker).  Steve has been diagnosed with a genetic cancer  mutation which will continue to grow unless stopped. Thankfully there are a few specialty drugs which are targeted toward this mutation. Steve will start that regime next week.