Steven L. Brown

First post: Apr 26, 2021 Latest post: Apr 27, 2022
The appointment we have all been waiting for...

Mom and Dad met with Dad's Surgeon and Oncologist today.  While us girls were unable to be with them in person, due to COVID-19, we were able to attend both appointments via phone.  Today we received some promising words that, in the words of dad, "gave us some light at the end of the tunnel". 

Trying to figure out exactly what is wrong with dad has been a "roller-coaster ride".    It was cancer and then it wasn't, then it was cancer and then it wasn't...until it was CANCER.  As of Monday, April 19, 2021, the cancer that wasn't cancer was found; to be exact, invasive adenocarcinoma, superficial and background high grade dysplasia.  The doctor from Monday's procedure thought it was pancreatic cancer that has invaded the bile duct at the opening of the ampulla.  Today, we learned that dad probably does NOT have pancreatic cancer; however, he either has bile duct cancer or cancer of the ampulla of vater.  While no cancer is good, this cancer just may be our "light at the end of the tunnel".  We learned that the tumor is believed to be very small, NOT believed to be in the lymph nodes and NOT believed to be metastasized.  While neither doctor could promise any of this today, it will be confirmed when dad has what is called the Whipple procedure.  We should know soon when the surgery will be.   If you are unaware of what the Whipple procedure is, I encourage you to visit this site which provides a wonderful short video that explains it perfectly: