Steve and Barb Wood Steve/Barb Covid Recovery

First post: Dec 6, 2020 Latest post: Jan 13, 2021
On November 20th we received a message from my mom that she developed a cough overnight - she, my dad, and my aunt (lives close by and they do things together often) were all tested for Covid. 

November 23  Dad tested negative, mom and aunt positive. Mom was experiencing cough, fever, and headache. Dad started having fever and a cough. Aunt had chills and cough. 

November 27 Mom went to urgent care, had a chest x-ray, everything was clear. Still weak and had a fever, and was now nauseous.  

November 30 Dad said their fevers were lower, and they are able to eat a small amount and able to drink liquids but still weak. Aunt is feeling better. 

December 1 Mom and Dad went to the ER. Mom couldn't hold anything down  overnight, and was extremely weak. Both were admitted. Dad has now tested positive for covid. His oxygen level is low so has been put on oxygen. Mom's kidneys are weak due to dehydration and she has pneumonia. As of now, they are both admitted, and trying to recover.

December 2 Mom is ok and stable. Had a fever of 102 last night, Doctor said that's pretty common w Covid patients. Her kidney numbers are better!!!  And her liver is not terrible. She is still on a smaller dose of oxygen and is still nauseated and not feeling good. She is sleeping right now. Dad needs ALOT more oxygen today. He is on high flow oxygen, but they have not had to increase the amount today which is awesome! He had no fever last night and will have a respiratory Doctor checking on him. Spoke with him and  he sounds great!

December 3 Dad is ok. Scan from yesterday shows covid on both sides of his lungs. Says he's feeling  ok. They have not had to increase oxygen today, so that's GREAT!!! They have him sleeping on his stomach to help with oxygen flow. Doctor says he just has a big viral infection, so its going to just take time  Mom goes home at 230 tomorrow!!! She will be going home on oxygen still. And have in home care a few days a week. Doctor says she is weak but better and is really happy with how quickly  she turned around 

December 4 Dad is stable.They did have to increase his oxygen.But he is ok, doctor said it will take time. Dad is excited for when he gets to go home!  We do not have a date yet. Mom is home! She is settled in and is still on low oxygen. Mom says she still has headaches and she's week, but she's glad she's home!