Stephen Swayze

First post: May 15, 2018 Latest post: Jun 29, 2018
Stephen (Steve) Swayze went to high school in Ellsworth, MN and currently lives in Sioux Falls, SD. Steve is a passionate and talented musician and loves to jam out with all sorts of friends and bands. He also enjoys cooking and coming up with new recipes and sharing his talent with family and friends. If Steve's not staying busy jamming or cooking, you might find him chilling with Jackie Moon -- his orange tabby cat!

Late Friday night (May 11, 2018), Steve was walking home and while crossing 12th Street by Valley View Road, he waved a car through and did not see another oncoming vehicle and was struck. He was transported to Sanford Hospital for emergency medical treatment. He has multiple brain bleeds, a broken leg, and body bruises. He has remained unconscious since the time of the accident.

As of Monday 5/14, he has been diagnosed with a severe Traumatic Brain Injury. There have been no significant changes since the time of the accident. His intracranial pressure has remained low and his vitals have been consistent, which has made the doctors and medical staff optimistic about his recovery. He has had some responsive movements and has opened his eyes a couple times.