Stella Altwies Stella Altwies

First post: Apr 16, 2019 Latest post: Mar 20, 2022
Welcome everyone, we wanted to create a central place where you could both get updates on Stella and send your love to her. I'm sure you are well aware that both she, her parents, and sister have fostered an amazing extended family of individuals like yourselves, and we wanted a place where everyone could connect without inundating Hans and Amy with text messages, though I'm sure they wouldn't ever complain.
Please share this with those in your personal and online circles who know and love Stella so they can join us in honoring her unmatched spirit.

That was written by our sweet peeps way back when this all started and the hope was new and loud. What was to come was not easy nor fun and it ended the way we did not want it to end. But there is yet Stella at the heart of this and Stella is not daunted; she is the core of love and light and through her parents she will keep sharing that love.  This has now become a place to hear Stella live through stories, photos and videos. I, Stella's father, with help from Amy, her mother, will continue to post everyday in her spirit until it is time to direct that energy elsewhere.  

Thank you for joining us here...we probably know you and love you but if we don't know you we probably still love you a lot.