Lacey Rider In Memory Of Suzanne

This Site is dedicated in memory of my Mother Suzanne Conant.
Her Story, very painful for me to tell, went like this.
My mom found out she had cancer at the age of 59. She did Chemo and Radiation and nothing helped- everything only made her weaker.
She cried to me about how badly she just wanted to live but knew she was going to die.
She went from being her normal self and going to her doctor appointments on her own to being completely bed ridden, unable to communicate anything rational, and unable to even hold a glass - in 1 DAY. Literally overnight- took a turn for the worse.
One year after being diagnosed, my mother who just turned 60- passed away.
She is only ONE of millions who have died from Cancer.
There is NO CURE for Cancer- even though Cancer and Heart Disease are the LEADING CAUSE of death in the U.S. and the World .
More people die from Cancer and Heart Disease than anything else .
Even Coronavirus- the people have spent how much money trying to cure that? How much have we spent on a cure for cancer? Why do we continue spending money on things like bringing dinosaurs back to life when our people everyday are dying from this illness?
You or your loved ones could be next. What can you do about it after the fact?
Will One more year of life be enough?
Stand Up Today for Suzanne and all of the other people who have been or will be diagnosed with Cancer. Unite together for a Cure. There's Strength In Numbers.