Stacie Starr Fibromyalgia Plus1 & MORE

First post: Apr 4, 2018
Most of you know who I am for what I have done but there is more of who I have become due a medical condition that I have been afflicted with called FIBROMYALGIA. But there is so much MORE to this Invisible Chronic Pain Condition that started in 2002; additional Debilitating Health Issues that have accompanied themselves Including Depression, Anxiety, Muscle Spasms, Arthritis, Fibro Fog, Restless legs, leading into Social Isolation, decreased mobility, Mental and Muscle Deficiencies to now the most Excruciating Heightened Level of Pain I have been enduring along with since November 2018 of Nerve Damage in my Left Leg. This means I have constant variables of pain like Stabbing, Tightening, Radiating, Shooting, Numbness, Tingling to name a few. I am unable to function properly just in Normal Life let alone in any Professional Manner as I am in Chronic Pain every Second of every Minute of every Hour of every Day of every Week of every Month of every Year since 2002 with no cure in site to last my LifeTime!