Skyler Haapala Skyler's fight

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. As many of you know our daughter skyler was “medically kidnapped” during her hospital stay at banner university hospital Diamond children’s in Tucson. Skyler has polymitochondrial disease, and multiple other functional diseases. Her work up until recently was a mess. There are a lot of medications Sky can’t have that can kill her some as simple as Tylenol. During her admission for a serious gi Virus the staff tried to administer mitotoxic medications like propothol( which she coded on when she was 6) for sedation, haldol( supposedly for pain )(mito kids go into immediate heart failure) and the last one was a benzodiazepine that they administered to her without our consent then tried to accuse Bobby of giving it to her !!! I later found it in the report that they did infact give her a med in her allergy list. After getting angry that they almost killed her, and asking for her to be transferred to a hospital what isn’t trying to kill our little girl, they immediately took custody of her. Claiming that they were afraid that we were going to take her ama. And that since we are heavily tattooed they suspected that the gi Problems that our 13 year old daughter was having was due to her having withdrawals from some sort of drug since she had her medical canibis card. That we were trying to poison her with cbd oils......The child life team came into skys room and told me that the doctor wanted to talk with me in the conference room on October 30th at 520pm i told Sky i would be right back . As soon as we left the he room the entire floor was surrounded by sheriffs tpd, and security with their dogs. They wouldn’t let me back in to tell her what was going on or to even give her a hug or say good bye. At 532pm they took our little girl from us. Bobby was on his way back to the hospital and never got to see or talk with her either. I then was escorted out by sheriffs and securitymore sheriffs and security escorted both of us out of the hospital when Bobby got there and all the way back home. During 7 of the worst weeks of our families lives the doctors and hospital staff treated skyler horribly telling her that she is never going home that she is a crybaby, that she isn’t really sick that she is crazy and it is all in her head, they were going to remove her feeding tube claiming that she would be able to eat without it (even tho tests show her stomach is paralyzed and her intestines are partially as well) , and they were telling her she just had an eating disorder, that we were trying to kill her and that she will never get better if she is with us, they would make her do physical therapy and deny her things that comfort her even when she was in tears from the pain. They stole from her, and much more, pushing her way beyond her physical mental and emotional limits, denying her any sort of comfort or reassurance , doctors literally almost killed her 3 more times one of the times she was kept off her feeds for 16 hours (fasting speeds up disease process along with all the rest of the stressors afflicted on her) they collapsed her lung, and she was so close to death that she had to have 7 liters of oxygen. She was taunted, teased and ridiculed, she was mentally physically and emotionally abused by doctors nurses, cnas , dcs personell, and foster people. Mitotoxic medications were tested on her by these people and she lost her ability to walk eat and drink completely. We got physical coustody back on dec 7. She has been going to ot, pt, 2 psychologist, pain clinic, gi, pcp Special need clinic and is finally able to walk without the walker for short spurts, and finally back in school. 5/18/18 the case was closed charges dismissed, dcs had no grounds for removal! Dcs accusations and and bogus charges are all dropped being found by the judge to be completely unsubstantiated! No proof in the pudding! False accusations!!!! Medical child abuse and neglect forensic psychiatrist did full evals of everyone and couldn’t find any indication! The psychologist /psychiatrist at banner don’t believe in mitochondrial disease since it isn’t easily detectable by a simple test so they are trying to put it off as an eating disorder. Even tho her molecular mitochondrial and functional disease expert testified with lab result proof of her diagnosis’s. Today Skyler is freed from all of those horrible people physically but is still tormented mentally and emotionally.We need to be able to pay our lawyer whom we owe upwards of $40,000 and dr. Boles skylers molecular mitochondrial and functional disease doctor whom we owe atleast $8,000 for trial costs expert whiteness testimony emergency visits and intensive urgent carethat skyler has needed since skylers condition was so poor when she was returned to us. We are lucky enough to be able to keep dr. Boles as skylers specialist but unfortunately he doesn’t accept any insurance. He is private pay only you for visiting.