Sian Marquardt

First post: Jan 7, 2023 Latest post: May 14, 2024
If you learn anything from me it's that you have to advocate for yourself.
My story starts In December 2021. I remember telling my aunt that I was having a lot of stomach issues I thought it was all stress related from work. My stomach would be okay on the weekends and the pain would return every Monday like clockwork. I had seen a doctor in January 2022 for a medication refill. I didn't have a primary so I took whoever I could. I mentioned the stomach issue to the doctor he felt my stomach and didn't feel anything out of the ordinary so I blew it off.
By March I was still having stomach issues I self-diagnosed myself with IBS. I had researched the diet and was taking supplements to help with my symptoms. It was working for a while. By May my stomach issue was getting out of hand, and one of my coworkers mentioned to me that her dad was having the same issues and was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. By that point, I wanted to see a doctor and discuss my issues. I was trying to block out the fact that it might be cancer, and was hoping that it was IBS.
The only appointment I could get was an over-the-phone appointment in May. I was hoping it would be an easy answer, and I would be healthy and ready to go on my vacation in June. The doctor agreed with me, it sounded like IBS. She put In a referral for a GI doctor. The soonest I could get In would be December. By that point, I had these stomach issues for almost a year. My stomach aches were bad enough that I wanted to curl up into a ball. I was praying one night and a voice came to me and told me it was cancer and that I should get in right away. The next day I called the clinic to see if I could schedule a colonoscopy. I needed a referral first, so I emailed the Doctor I had seen in January, and we went around and around. He told me I had a referral for a colonoscopy I told him it was a referral for a GI doctor. He never put in a referral. In August I saw a gynecologist to discuss some old test results. She noticed that I had anxiety and depression. I explained why I was so stressed out that I was having a lot of stomach issues and I wanted to schedule a colonoscopy but no one would schedule it because I was seeing a GI doctor in December. I had finally found a doctor that would listen to me. She agreed to put in the referral for the colonoscopy, as long as I kept my appointment with the GI doctor In December. The soonest I could get in for a colonoscopy was October. In the meantime, I had gone to urgent care over my stomach issues they told me to stay on the IBS diet and have a nice day. In September I ended up in the emergency room over my stomach issues, they also blew me off. They treated me like I was on drugs. They asked me more times than I can remember what kind of drugs was I taking that would lead me to have all these stomach issues. They treated me with anti-nausea meds. When I explained to the emergency doctor that something was going on with my stomach. She told me there is nothing she can do and sent me home.
The day of my colonoscopy was probably the scariest of my life. I knew deep down it was more than IBS. They couldn't finish the exam because they had found my cancer. I was crushed, and the whole family was crushed.
After my diagnosis, they had Mel and I traveling everywhere for my appointments. I was having 2-3 appointments a week. They seem to all fall in line and I began treatment six weeks later.