Shyvonne Walker-Hayes Shyvonne's HSCT Journey

First post: Mar 23, 2021 Latest post: May 17, 2022
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Many know me know me as being that easy-going woman of faith, having fun and enjoying life with Stan. Not worried about much. I’ve had Multiple Sclerosis since 2008 (well that’s when I was diagnosed ). Many years I only had numbness and tingling in my hands but I was dealing with it. In 2018 I had a major release and lost my balance and my vision. I had steroids which brought back my vision but not the balance. With bad balance, I’ve still been able to fake it and most of you didn’t know (or you thought I was drunk lol). Then in early 2018 another relapse getting weakness in my legs. I decided to go for Lemtrada, a supposedly savior for MS. It was a 2 year treatment that each time I had significantly decreased immune system and had to be in a bubble for months - mask, sanitizer, couldn’t eat out. Sound familiar?! I was in the pandemic for 2 years prior to the COVID. Well Lemtrada didn’t work for me. You may not even recognize me now. Now I can hardly walk and many other issues. I’m barely able to get around now. I need to use a wheelchair, a cane and a walker or something. I have been fighting it I don’t want to be labeled handicap. The truth is I have been in a steady decline. I can barely walk or even make it to the car. I can’t enjoy shopping, going to fest (when we can), walk on a beach and so many Thai took for granted. I can’t even carry myself in the grocery store. I rode the scooter now 😞. My MS is just progressing fast now. In September 2019 when I got married, I could I could walk down the aisle. I could stand up all night and take pictures. Today I could never walk down the aisle or stand that long to take pictures. I’m just worse and worse and worse and that happened in a year! I thank God I didn’t get married a year later. In an attempt to stop this rapid progression, I want to have a new cutting edge stem cell treatment. It’s called HSCT and I want to have this soon. It will require chemo so it’s heavy but I desperate to not get any worse. Next it’s in a wheelchair not able to take care of myself. I have to do something! But as you can imagine, it’s very expensive. My insurance will pay for part of it but I’m stuck having to pay. $20,000 out of my pocket though.   Donations are helping.  Thank you!  Still pray for me.  God is in control!!   Thank you for reading my story.

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