Shelly Dudzik Shelly's Journey

First post: Aug 30, 2022 Latest post: Oct 4, 2022
Hi, everyone

I am Shelly's sister-in-law and am starting this page for Shelly and the family to keep everyone posted throughout Shelly's journey of kicking BIG BERTHA THE BRAIN TUMOR TO THE CURB...


Here is a little information for anyone who is not aware of what has transpired over the last six weeks or so.   Shelly has not been feeling quite well and a little off her game for the last six weeks or so.  Last week she went into urgent care concerned with the symptoms she has been having and all her blood test came back normal.  So, life resumed as normal for the family.   This last Saturday Shelly woke up and one side of her face was swollen so she decided to go back to urgent care.  There they decided to do a CT scan and gave Shelly some very unsettling news.  They found a brain tumor that is quite large and also quite a bit of swelling in her brain.  NEVER DID ANY OF US HAVE EVEN AN INKLING THIS COULD BE!!!  They sent her by ambulance to Waukesha Memorial where she has had an MRI, CT scan and many more.  They also were giving her IV steroids to try and get the swelling down.  After meeting with the neurosurgeon on Monday it has been determined she needs to have surgery to remove the tumor.  The neurosurgeon said it is not in the easiest of spots to get out but also not the worst spot.  He was very thorough with Shelly and seems very confident in this surgery as it has been done many times.


  This is happening on Thursday morning.  I mean this THURSDAY!  I sit here and think to myself how the hell did this happen and why.  BUT IF THERE IS ANYONE THAT IS STRONG ENOUGH FOR THE FIGHT IT IS SHELLY!  I am just amazed at Shelly, Kevin and the kids as to how strong they all are.  It's amazing! Also all the support they have already received is so heartwarming.   I know Shelly WILL CONQUER AND FIGHT this!   I mean she's had twins!!!   That to me may be harder to take on.  =)  

I will try and keep everyone posted as to how she is doing after surgery.   Shelly, Kevin, Paige, Norah and Chase need every prayer warrior out there.  Anyone that knows this family knows they have been through a lot, and this is just another steppingstone.  I believe it's the world telling Shelly she needed to take some time to herself.  She needed a break!