Shelly Haley Shelly Haleys Journey

First post: Jun 23, 2022 Latest post: Feb 22, 2023
It's amazing how life can change in an instant. A month ago I took every little thing in my life for granted. On June 9,2022 I received the most devastating news after an unexpected ER visit. What I thought was a potential stroke turned out to be a brain tumor which turned out to be 2 brain tumors. A few days later that becomes small cell lung cancer that had metastasized to my liver and brain. No surgical option for this. So had additional scans that determined much more spread. This thing is a quick mover. I began whole brain radiation on June 16,2022 and currently just finished treatment 5 of 10. Unfortunately the treatments have worn me down quite a bit and anyone who knows me well knows I cannot stand to be idle. It also is bothersome to me that my memory is not as sharp as usual. Another desirable trait about me, I've always been told! 

Ill be doing aggressive chemotherapy treatments beginning shortly after the July 4yh holiday. I still have much to look forward to. I think Dad and the rest of my angels in Heaven can wait for me a little longer. 

I want to personally thank everyone who has reached out, offered help, transportation,  prayers, and donations for us to get through this difficult time. My entire family feels very blessed right now! 

I will provide updates as I can, otherwise Tiffany will do them for me. 

You never really know how much you have impacted the lives of others until times like this ❤️