Sheldon Wedel

First post: Sep 17, 2021 Latest post: Nov 29, 2021

Welcome to our caring bridge website. We are using this to keep family and friends updating on Sheldon‘s progress. We want to thank all of you that have been praying for Sheldon and us as a family and all the visits and all the meals that you have brought. On 
August 21st i’d took Sheldon to the ER because he had had a fever for about nine days at 102 and 103 and within the last few days of being home I could tell his breathing had become labored he didn’t feel like he was having a hard time but we as a family could see it. He tested positive for Covid and they admitted him to the hospital because his oxygen levels were too low. He also developed blood clots in his bladder and that was causing real problems for him so they placed him on a drug called Heparin to help dissolve the blood clot’s. After they got the blood clots out he began to feel better and his breathing seem to be getting worse by then it became necessary to move him to the ICU unit by that time he was on the BiPAP for his breathing. Also he was still on a steady dose of heparin for blood clots little did we realize that this heparin was going to be causing him major problems in the future. On August 24 they placed him on a ventilator. Sheldon was on the ventilator for 5 days. He seem to  be recovering quite quickly and it wasn’t long as they moved him back upstairs but he wasn’t upstairs long and he’s and he got bad again so back down to the ICU he went they said to just watch him closer this is where the heparin that they had been giving him for long periods of time at such high dosage has been causing him other problems he was starting to have bleeding in his belly and it was attacking his platelets they called A side effect of the heparin and they say it is rare that this happens. By this time he had been on the BiPAP and high pressures of oxygen for so long that he had developed holes in his lungs. We had a prayer for healing for the holes in his lungs and we feel like that was a miracle. Then two days later he had become too weak to be able to withstand the BiPAP anymore so back on the ventilator he had to go. After being on the vent for a few days he developed another large hole in his right lung which had caused his lung to collapse so they needed to insert a chest tube into his lungs to drain out all the fluid. In summary we are still fighting the blood clot issue and the blood platelet issue and we’re trying to get him to where he tolerates feedings which has been very difficult and also keeping his blood pressure regulated has been difficult and his heart rate and they feel like it’s partly because of all the fluids that he keeps retaining. Sheldon is still very critical at this point and we’re hoping that we can get to a point where his blood levels stay where the doctors are wanting them to be and they will insert a tracheotomy and it it will make it easier for him and more comfortable but until then his condition is very serious at this point still.