Sheila Webster

First post: Jul 31, 2018
As some of you know, my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in January. It was thought to be Stage 2 initially, but when it was determined Inflammatory it became Stage 3. We were all taken by surprise as we have no close family history of breast cancer and my mom has always been viewed by us, and herself, as our family's invincible provider. She jumped right into chemotherapy treatment but has faced several hiccups since. The first being a flare up soon after the diagnosis that landed her in the hospital for a week and the second in April when her port became infected. After another week in the hospital with the help of the great doctors at MO Bap,  she was able to go home and recover, and the most important part- none of her chemos were delayed. We are so grateful for the family and friends that were there for my mom during this time. Our family recognizes that we could not have come this far or be able to keep going without everyone's support and prayers. Luckily, both my sister and I were able to be home for the summer. My mom claims "waking up with you two girls here is like Christmas morning every day" :). Even more fortunate- Noreen graduated from Truman State in May (my mom was able to attend the ceremony!) and will still be her "adult roommate" when I go back finish my senior year of undergrad in the Fall.  

My mom finished her sixth and final round of a four-drug chemo regimen earlier in July but will still have an infusion of one drug for the next eight months. The last round of chemo was very challenging as it was the strongest treatment and her body was at the weakest. During a check-up, her doctor said that she has lost a significant amount of muscle mass in her legs. However, I should mention that throughout this long road, my dedicated and very headstrong mother has not stopped working. The effects of chemo have definitely created some new challenges to each day, so shoutout to her company for letting her adjust her focus to local work rather than her usual regional travel. 

Fortunately, the extreme physical and emotional toll is because her treatment is working. Her doctor is very happy with the results and says that her cancer is definitely getting smaller. We have been overjoyed with this news! This being said, we are not completely in the clear. Right now our next focus is on her mastectomy, which is scheduled for July 31st. This will not only be a big surgery but also has a lengthy recovery period. While these past few months have been challenging, it's my mom who continuously reminds us of how blessed we are despite the circumstances. During this time, if you would like to support our family through a dinner or in any other way, please reach out through here or Facebook to Claire or Noreen. 

P.S. Fear not, she hasn't lost her humor as she claims raising me is what made her lose all of her hair, not chemo.

Thanks for hanging in there with us,